【IC】Furina Keycaps PBT Custom Keycaps Genshin Impact keycaps Set

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Unveiling the Mystique: Furina Keycaps Set Inspired by Genshin Impact

Step into the fantastical world of Genshin Impact with our Furina Keycaps Set, a marvel of craftsmanship and customization. Crafted from PBT material with a touch of artisanal magic, this set transforms your keyboard into a canvas of Genshin Impact wonders.
Furina Keycaps PBT Custom Keycaps Genshin Impact keycaps Set
Crafting an Artisanal Masterpiece

At Aihey Studio, we understand the allure of customization. The Furina Keycaps Set is not just a collection of keys; it's a symphony of design and craftsmanship. Using the precision of PBT material and the artistry of custom dye-sublimation, each keycap is a work of art, capturing the essence of Genshin Impact's rich and vibrant characters.

Immersive Genshin Impact Experience

This keycap set is a tribute to the captivating world of Teyvat. From the windswept landscapes of Mondstadt to the mystical allure of Liyue, every keycap resonates with the spirit of Genshin Impact. Characters like Furina come to life with vivid colors and intricate detailing, creating a keyboard experience that mirrors the magic of the game.

Unleashing Creativity with Customization

The Furina Keycaps Set isn't just about aesthetics; it's about empowering your creativity. With PBT durability and Genshin Impact-inspired design, you get to personalize your keyboard like never before. Each key becomes a portal to the fantastical realms of Teyvat.

Key Features:

Material: High-quality PBT
Customization: Dye-sublimation for lasting vibrancy
Compatibility: Designed to fit most mechanical keyboards
Character Detailing: Intricate portrayal of Genshin Impact characters
Set Inclusion: A comprehensive set for a fully customized keyboard
How to Obtain the Furina Keycaps Set

The Furina Keycaps Set is your ticket to infusing Genshin Impact's magic into your daily computing experience. Elevate your keyboard aesthetics, celebrate your love for Genshin Impact, and embark on a visual journey every time your fingers dance across these artisanal keycaps.

Act Now!

Transform your keyboard into a Genshin Impact masterpiece with the Furina Keycaps Set. Limited in quantity, rich in detail, this set is not just a keycap collection; it's a portal to the extraordinary world of Teyvat.

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Updated December 26, 2023: 

This is the third revision for the design of the keycaps featuring the Genshin Impact character Furina, and it should be the final version. Furina's left side is designed with a light color theme representing Hydro, while the right side features a dark color theme representing Geo. The characters on the keycaps are designed in a handwritten French style.

Here is an explanation of the detailed icon inspirations:

ESC key: The symbol of the Hydro Archon, a balanced scale representing justice.
Tab key: The final scene of "Daughter of Water."
Left Shift key: Fontaine icon.
R4: Entwined fate, Original Resin, Furina, the Jellyfish Raising a Glass, Furina summoning three small creatures with her first skill.
R3: Furina character card cake element.
R2: The small shell of the summoning creature, a crab.
R1 left side: On the Ctrl key, Furina's hairstyle always reminds us of a jellyfish, so we created a simplified jellyfish version of Furina. The Win key is for switching between Geo and Hydro, and the Alt key features the Hydro skill icon.
R1 right side: Featuring the Geo skill, Geo and Hydro switching, the Eye of God, and Furina in jellyfish form leaning on an elegant cane.
Space key: The Space key is truly beautiful. If the response to Furina Keycap is positive, we may create a mouse pad with our design as the base image. The scene is inspired by the PV drama "In the Play," which exists between reality and falsehood. We extracted Furina's dynamic image and re-drew it.
Right Shift key: The brilliance of a specialized weapon in still water flow.
Enter key: The city of Mondstadt submerged, the Hydro Archon sitting on the throne weeping in profile.
Vertical Enter key: A scene from "Daughter of Water" metaphorically representing Furina's own story.

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