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Explore the Magical World of Harry Potter: Slytherin Snake Keycaps Set

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Aihey Studio, where we bring you a magical adventure with the Harry Potter Slytherin Snake Keycaps Set. This keycap set is a product of our inspired imagination, designed to immerse you in the mysterious atmosphere of the wizarding world.

Iconic Creations and Inspirations:

  • Capslock Key: A play on words, replacing "caps" with the Sorting Hat used by Harry Potter when entering Hogwarts for the first time.
  • Left Shift Key: If you want to semi-automate your Potions class, why not purchase the wizard cauldron invented by Gaspard Singleton in Diagon Alley?
  • Right Shift Key: Potions created from the cauldron.
  • Backspace Key: Depicting Dumbledore's wand with a coiling snake, symbolizing the clearing and eradication of Voldemort, a crucial tool in defeating the dark wizard.
  • Tab Key: Represents the flying broomsticks used in the wizarding school.
  • "|\” Key: On the other side of the broomsticks is the golden snitch from Quidditch matches.
  • Enter Key: When entering the magical world, press "Enter" to reach Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.
  • Esc Key: Incorporates the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, with the Harry font ESC symbol below, echoing the story of Harry Potter.
  • R4 Height Keycaps: A hidden Easter egg: "You Know Who."
  • Space Key: Features the Slytherin pattern.
  • Ctrl/Win/Alt Keys: Depict Nagini, Voldemort's serpent.
  • R1-R4 Unique Icons: Includes 1U icons of Snape, Pansy Parkinson, Astoria, and Voldemort.
  • Directional Keys: Depict Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, with the first step of their emotional connection portrayed as a paper crane from the Philosopher's Stone. Harry's wand crosses Draco's wand above, symbolizing their intertwined destinies.
  • R3 Nine and Three-Quarters Key: Can be replaced with the number 9 in the numeric area (based on popular demand).
  • Characters: Ancient-style English letters in the alphabetical area.

The Magic Behind the Design

This keycap set draws inspiration from one of the most formidable houses in the Harry Potter series—Slytherin. Influenced by the sinister wizarding family and their iconic symbol—the serpent, the design of the keycaps infuses the cunning and mystery of Slytherin while intricately capturing the mystique of the snake.

 The Wonders of Customized Keycaps

Each keycap is meticulously crafted, utilizing PBT material and employing the unique technique of dye-sublimation to ensure both the tactile quality and durability of the keycaps. With over 140 keys in the set, you have the opportunity to fully customize your keyboard, expressing your unique taste.



Pursuit of Uniqueness

This keycap set epitomizes our pursuit of uniqueness. Every keycap undergoes careful hand-carving to replicate the texture of snake skin and the mysterious glow of serpent eyes. Additionally, we've incorporated elements such as the 9¾ platform, featuring the portraits of Harry and Malfoy, wizard hats, magic brooms, and Deathly Hallows, adding more Harry Potter essence to the keycaps.

Customize Your Keyboard Experience

This keycap set is truly one-of-a-kind, with every detail crafted to create a mysterious and unique ambiance. Whether you're a devoted Harry Potter fan or someone passionate about personalizing your keyboard, the Slytherin Snake Keycaps Set adds a touch of magical mystery to your keyboard experience.

Embark on this magical journey with us as we unveil the charm of the wizarding world through the Harry Potter Slytherin Snake Keycaps Set. These keycaps are not just accessories for your mechanical keyboard; they are an expression of unique taste and personality.

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 As of December 15, 2023 we have modified the design



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I would love if the snake head for the bottom row could be an open mouthed basilisk head instead. Is there a possibility of actual arrow keys instead of the illustrations (I don’t love the faces)? Also, could the snitch also have a regular backslash variant?

Bhaven Toprani

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