【IC】Sunset Highway Keycaps

Hey there! We are Aihey~ and this is our brand new keycap set: Sunset Highway.

At the twilight hour, you're driving your car on the highway, the last rays of the setting sun casting a warm glow on the landscape. The gentle breeze rustles through, and you reach for an old cassette tape, slotting it into your car's stereo. Melodic tunes start to play, and you can't help but hum along, transported back to a different time. The evening wind whispers through the coconut trees, their leaves rustling softly, as memories flood your mind. You recall the sunny days on the beach, indulging in ice cream, cocktails, and orange soda, and savoring a delectable donut smothered in chocolate sauce. What's etched even more vividly in your memory is a girl in a polka dot bikini, selling delicious hot dogs. You grab your camera, and with a click, you capture her and the beautiful moments in time.

Sunset Highway Keycaps

Sunset Highway keycaps blend the soft pink hues of the evening sky with shades of light green, creating a tranquil and cozy atmosphere. However, in our choice of elements, we intentionally infuse a touch of vintage from a bygone era. Old cassette tapes, retro Coca-Cola bottle caps, classic cameras, and iconic vintage cars. Furthermore, in the design of the food icons, we've embraced a Disney-esque anthropomorphic style, featuring delectable donuts, frosty ice cream, and intoxicating soda, all reminiscent of the classic ambiance of Disney from the last century. Nostalgia and warmth are the prevailing themes of this keycap set." 

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