【IC】The Universe Collection: Journey Beyond the Stars with Aihey Keycaps

Hey there! We're Aihey, and we're thrilled to introduce our latest keyboard keycap set - Universe. It's more than just a set of keycaps; it's an interstellar adventure waiting to happen.

The Cosmic Inspiration:

Ever heard the saying that when people pass away, they become stars in the sky? I first encountered this idea in a story about a match-selling girl from my childhood, and it stayed with me. As I grew older, I realized it's not just a fairy tale. In the documentary "Wonders of the Universe," they explain how we're all made from the remnants of deceased stars. When we gaze at the night sky, we're actually looking at our departed cosmic siblings. We're born of the universe, and after our journey ends, we naturally return to it - we become one with the universe, truly "One With The Universe."

The Color Palette:

For our keycaps, we've chosen Klein Blue. Yves Klein once said blue is the sky, the sea, the air, depth, and infinity; it's freedom and life. Blue is the most fundamental color of the universe. Inspired by him, we've named our shade "Klein Blue." Beyond blue is darkness, and our lives are a journey from blue to black. Hence, our keycaps feature a gradient from blue to black.

Iconic Designs:

Each keycap is adorned with an icon representing celestial bodies in our solar system. We've designed icons for Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Additionally, we've incorporated several nebulae and star clusters into our designs. Each has a reference number, and you can simply search the number on Baidu to view their actual images on the NASA website. I can also provide a brief introduction to each of them.

NGC 7023, also known as the Iris Nebula, is illuminated by the star SAO 19158, reflecting starlight through dust particles, creating a unique blue hue, resembling sparkling blue petals in the cosmic garden. It's one of the most romantic nebulas in the universe.

NGC 7293, famously known as the Helix Nebula or the Eye of God, is depicted with spiral lines to convey a sense of depth. Located just 700 light-years from Earth, it's a spiral nebula created by a dying sun-like star. It appears as a crimson eye, a vision of what our own Sun might become one day, returning to the cosmos.

NGC 6302, the Butterfly Nebula, appears like a beautiful butterfly with hollow spaces, signifying its impending demise. Despite its incredible beauty, its lifecycle is nearing its end. Heated to over 36,000 degrees Fahrenheit, gases tear through space at speeds exceeding 600,000 miles per hour. Thus, the fluttering wings of NGC 6302 might be seen as the gasp of its final breath—a beautiful yet painful phenomenon in the cosmos.

SH2 308, also known as the Dolphin Nebula, is portrayed with a leaping dolphin shape. It's a cosmic bubble blown by the high-speed stellar winds of hot, massive stars. Enormous and charming, it resembles a smiling dolphin, exuding a sense of cuteness.

IC 1805, the Heart Nebula, is a vast emission nebula that strikingly resembles a human heart. Due to the numerous faint stars at its center, it appears hollow, inspiring our heart-shaped keycap design. In NASA's original images, it shines a vibrant red, with red light emitted by its predominant element, hydrogen.

Keycap Specifications:

Keycaps: 142
Profile: OEM
Material: PBT with full 5-sided dye-sublimation
Join us in this cosmic journey with Aihey's Universe Collection. It's more than just keycaps; it's a tribute to the wonders of the universe and a reminder of our cosmic origins. One With The Universe.

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