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Yaemiko's Keycap Set: A Symphony of Genshin Impact Elegance

Embark on a journey into the enchanting world of Genshin Impact with our meticulously crafted Yaemiko Keycap Set. Each key tells a story, drawing inspiration from the rich lore and captivating characters of this beloved game.

Tab - The Graceful Offering:
The "Tab" key, symbolizing reverence, features the delicate name "御币" inspired by the offerings in the hands of the deity.

Right Backslash - Winds of the Shrine:
The "Right Backslash" key takes its artistic cue from the winds that swirl around the Tang Dynasty-inspired structure at the Inazuma Grand Shrine.

Enter - The Elegant Fox Hunt:
An homage to the wisdom and beauty of Yaemiko in her fox form, captured mid-leap in a playful snow pounce, awaits on the "Enter" key. A playful nod to the charming fox hunting videos.

Left Shift - The Mischievous Fox Head:
Behold the "Left Shift" key adorned with the cheeky countenance of a fox. Throughout R1-R4, you'll find an array of these delightful fox heads, creating a vertical cascade of foxy charm in the Gasket series.

Right Shift - Sakura's Graceful Branch:
"Right Shift" captures the elegance of Sakura's branches, and cherry blossoms delicately descend on the bottom row. Alt and Fn keys receive the same ethereal touch with scattered cherry blossom petals.

Spacebar - Gradient Pink Bliss:
Previously solid deep pink, the "Spacebar" undergoes a transformation into a gradient of softer pinks, lending an air of subtlety and grace to the overall color palette.

Unique Additions - A Tapestry of Genshin Impact:
Beyond the enchanting fox heads, R1 boasts five additional foxy faces. Adding a touch of expression, two emotive faces inspired by Yaemiko are introduced. Four icons, representing cherry blossoms, Yaemiko's water guide, fox skills, and the subtle pattern of her garment, find their home on F5-F8. R2 presents a bowl of fried tofu, a culinary tribute to the fox deity's rumored love for the delicacy.

The Canvas of Creativity:
Yaemiko's Keycap Set isn't just a collection; it's a canvas for your creative expression. Immerse yourself in the world of Genshin Impact with every stroke of the keys, each telling a tale of adventure and magic.

Order Yours Now:
Dive into the mesmerizing universe of Genshin Impact with the Yaemiko Keycap Set. Limited in quantity, boundless in imagination – a keyboard masterpiece awaits.

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