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Artisan Keycaps

Bloodborne Cthulhu Piggy Custom Artisan Keycaps Boldly designed with Cthulhu elements

Bloodborne Cthulhu Piggy Custom Artisan Keycaps Boldly designed with Cthulhu elements

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Artisan keycap handcrafting time

Most of our artisan keycaps handmade for 10-15 days, the process is complex for about 20 days, please understand, each artisan keycap is handmade exclusive customized, hope you like!

Unleash the Eldritch Horror: Bloodborne-Inspired Keycap Artistry

Immerse yourself in the macabre world of Bloodborne with our latest artisanal masterpiece: a keycap that draws inspiration from the eldritch horrors lurking in the game's darkest corners. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this keycap brings to life one of Bloodborne's most fearsome entities - the swine-like monstrosity with a Cthulhu twist.

Eldritch Authenticity:

Our keycap is a tribute to the dark, otherworldly aesthetic of Bloodborne. Using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, we've perfectly replicated the grotesque features of the eldritch pig, ensuring that it feels as real as it looks.

Artistry at Its Finest:

Every keycap is a canvas, and our artisans have painted a nightmarish masterpiece. Hand-painted with care and precision, each stroke captures the eerie essence of the game's eldritch horrors, from the creature's malevolent eyes to its twisted, writhing form.

A Touch of Cthulhu:

Incorporating the essence of Lovecraftian horror, we've blended the dark world of Bloodborne with the eldritch madness of Cthulhu. It's a fusion of nightmares, a keycap that transcends the ordinary.

The Perfect Conversation Starter:

Whether you're battling cosmic horrors in-game or crafting your masterpiece at work, this keycap is a striking conversation starter. Its uncanny realism and Lovecraftian vibes will turn heads and spark discussions wherever you go.

Our Bloodborne-inspired keycap isn't just an accessory; it's a portal to a world of eldritch terrors and dark beauty. Bring the essence of the game to your fingertips, and unleash the eldritch horror as you type. It's more than a keycap; it's a piece of artistry that will haunt your keyboard in the most mesmerizing way.

Shape:Customized shapes
Compatible Switches: Cherry MX
Process: Sticky molds, 3D printing and coloring
Texture: Smooth to the touch with a slightly frosted feel
Producer: AiheyStudio
Package includes: one Cthulhu Piggy Artisan Keycaps

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