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Artisan Keycaps

Frieren Keycap Custom Himmel Fern Artisan Keycap Beyond Journey's End

Frieren Keycap Custom Himmel Fern Artisan Keycap Beyond Journey's End

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Artisan keycap handcrafting time

Most of our artisan keycaps handmade for 10-15 days, the process is complex for about 20 days, please understand, each artisan keycap is handmade exclusive customized, hope you like!

Step into the enchanting world of 'Frieren: Beyond Journey's End' with our Custom Artisan Keycap featuring Frieren, Himmel, and Fern. This meticulously crafted keycap captures the essence of the beloved characters, bringing the magic of their journey right to your fingertips.

Each keycap is a work of art, showcasing intricate details and vibrant colors that bring Frieren, Himmel, and Fern to life. Made from high-quality materials, this artisan keycap ensures durability and a smooth, satisfying typing experience.

Whether you're reminiscing about their adventures or looking forward to new ones, this keycap is the perfect way to keep the spirit of 'Beyond Journey's End' alive. Add a touch of fantasy to your keyboard setup and let Frieren and her companions inspire you with every keystroke.

Join Frieren, Himmel, and Fern on their timeless journey with our Custom Artisan Keycap. Perfect for fans and collectors, this keycap is a must-have for anyone who cherishes the magic of 'Beyond Journey's End.' Enhance your keyboard with this unique piece and let the adventure continue!

Shape:Customized shapes
Compatible Switches: Cherry MX
Process: Sturdy material and coloring
Texture: Smooth to the touch
Producer: AiheyStudio
Package includes: 1 * keycap

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