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Captivating Ganyu Collectible Figure - Genshin Impact Ice Princess Sculpture

Captivating Ganyu Collectible Figure - Genshin Impact Ice Princess Sculpture

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Introducing the Ganyu Figure, a masterpiece from the world of Genshin Impact, meticulously crafted with high-quality PVC material to ensure an exquisite and lifelike representation of your favorite character. These figures are more than collectibles; they are an authentic embodiment of the characters you adore, ready to come to life on your shelf or display. The superior quality of PVC guarantees durability, making this collectible a long-lasting treasure. Whether you're a fan or a collector, these figures are a must-have, offering a true-to-game experience in a compact and elegant form.

As you gaze upon this figure, you'll witness the subtle swaying of Ganyu's sleeves in the wind, her hair gracefully brushing against her brow, all while she cradles the sacred pearl in her hand. "Drink only spring water, eat only whole grains" is the mantra of this graceful and gentle girl, known as "Ganyu."

Her attire, known as "Frostdew Trail," draws inspiration from the mythical Qilin, reflecting simplicity and elegance in every detail. The figure's body is richly painted, with no compromise in the precision of the details. Metallic colors are carefully used for the outfit's decorations, giving it an even more luxurious look.

Whether you choose to display it as a decoration or keep it close at hand, you can feel the sculpting and attention to detail to the fullest. In summary, Ganyu, the girl with sleeves that flutter gracefully in the wind, her hair delicately brushing against her brow, embodies the spirit of "Drink only spring water, eat only whole grains" as she cradles the sacred pearl. Her attire, the "Frostdew Trail," inspired by the mythical Qilin, exudes simplicity and elegance. The figurine's meticulous craftsmanship captures every intricate detail, and the metallic accents on her outfit bestow an added touch of opulence. Whether displayed as a decoration or held close, this sculpture embodies exquisite artistry and unwavering attention to detail.


Size approx: 26.5cm tall
Material: ABS & PVC
From AiheyStudio
Series Title: Genshin Impact
Character Name: Ganyu
Packet: 1 * Ganyu Figure (Height 26.5cm)
(Please note that due to the hand-painting process, there may be slight defects in color application, adding to the figure's unique character.)

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