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Artisan Keycaps

Pokémon Koda Duck Keycap Artisan keycap

Pokémon Koda Duck Keycap Artisan keycap

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Hello everyone, we are aihey studio, this is our artisan keycap design, inspired by the Pokémon Koda Duck. "I need to take a break first, like a swim first?" This is from a Pokémon fan Each one is handmade, so the work period is about 20-30 days, this is a pre-order item, once you order, we will start handmade and the shipping time is 10 days.

Because handmade keycaps take a lot of time and effort, they are more expensive, and we are sorry to say that we have minimized our profits.

Package includes: one Pokémon Koda Duck keycap

Material: resin and 3D printing to ensure accuracy

Designer and craftsman: cici

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