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Aihey Keycap Set

Resin Van Gogh Artisan Keycap – Adorably Chibi Version with Sunflower Accent(Pre Order)

Resin Van Gogh Artisan Keycap – Adorably Chibi Version with Sunflower Accent(Pre Order)

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About Pre-sale

All of our pre-sales are full pre-sales, the amount you pay is the full amount. Our orders will be contacted to the factory for production immediately after the group is formed, usually the production cycle is more than twenty working days, once the production is completed we will ship to the customer, the shipping time is about 10-15 days.

About Keycap Material

The most common materials on the market are ABS and PBT, we use PBT material, as well as the full five-sided heat sublimation technology, will not lose color

Group buy

Estimated delivery time is two months, usually a month and a half.(This is currently in a group buy and will be produced within 20 days of becoming a group. So it will take about a month and a half to receive the goods.)If the minimum starting quantity is not met, the order will be canceled and your participation in the group buy will be refunded...

As this item is a customized product, the order cannot be canceled 24 hours after the order is placed, please consider and understand carefully when you place your order, if you have any questions please contact us by email

"Indulge in the artistic charm of our Resin Van Gogh Artisan Keycap – a lovable chibi rendition of Van Gogh holding a sunflower. This keycap is not just a functional accessory; it's a true masterpiece. Crafted from high-quality resin and coated with a surface layer, it exudes the delicate elegance of ceramic while being crafted from resin material. Transform your keyboard into a canvas of art with this adorable keycap, where every keystroke becomes a stroke of cuteness and craftsmanship. Upgrade your keyboard with the Resin Van Gogh Artisan Keycap, capturing the essence of sophistication in a delightful Q-version design!"

Shape:Customized shapes
Compatible Switches: Cherry MX
Price: Currently at $35.99
Production Time: 20 days
Stock Status: Limited edition, not in stock; wait required
Quantity: Limited to 15 pieces (uncertain if production will continue)
Process: handmade, resin and coloring
Texture: Smooth to the touch
Package includes: 1 * Van Gogh Artisan Keycaps
Transportation time: 10-20 days

designed by @aihey studio

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