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Artisan Keycaps

2pcs Sad Frog, Funny Frog Green Frog Custom Artisan Keycaps

2pcs Sad Frog, Funny Frog Green Frog Custom Artisan Keycaps

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Artisan keycap handcrafting time

Most of our artisan keycaps handmade for 10-15 days, the process is complex for about 20 days, please understand, each artisan keycap is handmade exclusive customized, hope you like!

"Embrace the Feels with Our Sad Frog Keycaps"

Unlock a world of emotions with our Sad Frog keycaps! These whimsical and iconic accessories bring the beloved internet culture of Sad Frog (FeelsBadMan) to your fingertips. Dive into the world of humor and relatability as we explore what makes Sad Frog keycaps a must-have for every keyboard enthusiast.

Why Choose Sad Frog Keycaps?

Express Yourself: Sad Frog captures the essence of everyday emotions – from sadness and frustration to relatable moments. Whether you're a meme enthusiast or just love the quirky and relatable, Sad Frog keycaps allow you to express yourself in a fun and unique way.

Quality Craftsmanship: Our Sad Frog keycaps are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The iconic blue frog with its forlorn expression is faithfully recreated, making these keycaps not just a statement piece, but a work of art.

Conversation Starters: Placing Sad Frog keycaps on your keyboard is an instant conversation starter. They'll draw smiles, chuckles, and maybe even a knowing nod from your friends and coworkers.

Endless Possibilities: Whether you're a gamer, coder, or casual typist, Sad Frog keycaps are compatible with most mechanical keyboards. They're an easy and fun way to personalize your workspace.

Sad Frog keycaps are more than just keyboard accessories; they're a nod to internet culture, a celebration of relatable moments, and a quirky conversation piece. So, why settle for plain keycaps when you can infuse your keyboard with a dash of humor and emotion? Get your Sad Frog keycaps today and let the feels flow as you type!

Shape:Customized shapes
Compatible Switches: Cherry MX
Process: 3D printing and coloring
Texture: slick
Package includes: 2pcs Sad Frog, Funny Frog Green Frog Artisan Keycaps

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