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Yaemiko Keycaps Set and Yaemiko Deskmats (There are additional offers)

Yaemiko Keycaps Set and Yaemiko Deskmats (There are additional offers)

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Yaemiko Keycaps Set and Yaemiko Deskmats 40*90cm:  Exclusive Pre-Order with Additional Offers!

Step into the world of Yaemiko elegance with our Keycaps Set and Deskmats, now available for pre-order in the spacious 40*90cm size. Immerse yourself in the exquisite design of these keycaps, each meticulously crafted to elevate your keyboard aesthetics. The matching Yaemiko Deskmats, perfectly sized at 40*90cm, complete the ensemble for a stylish and functional workspace. Secure your pre-order today to enjoy exclusive offers and bring a touch of sophistication to your typing and desk experience. Don't miss out on this limited opportunity to enhance your setup with Yaemiko's premium offerings!

Set Includes:

Yaemiko Keycap (Compatible with most mechanical keyboards)
Genshin Impact-themed Mouse Pad (40*90cm)

Some other things:

We shot the unboxing video
If you can't find a suitable keyboard with this keycap we recommend you to buy our already built Yaemiko keyboard.
Want to buy a Yaemiko's desk mats separately?

All our keyboards are English keyboard layout, please choose carefully.

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